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Please take a moment to tell the Orange County Board of Education (in the comment section) why you would like to see a public Waldorf charter school in Huntington Beach next year.

-Do you want more variety and choices of educational pathways for kids?
-Do you think that integrating arts (music, drawing, painting, modeling, etc.) into the curriculum rather than offering them as electives transforms the way children learn?
-Are you interested in children having a chance to stay with the same class of students and the same teacher for grades 1-8, building a big family?
-Do you value the emphasis that Waldorf places on developing children’s emotional and social skills as well as their intellects?

We are appearing before the OC Board of Education to ask for approval to open a public Waldorf school in OVSD. With our petition, budget, and facilities plan firmly developed, we are asking the board to approve our petition to open a public charter where your child and his/her teacher progress through grades 1-8 together, where the teacher delights the children with imaginative chalkboard art and storytelling that frame the daily lessons, and where all children learn to support each other and their school through service in art, cooking, gardening, woodworking, knitting and sewing, music, drama, and much more! This education costs $14,500+ annually at the private Waldorf schools in Southern California. Tell the board why you want accessible Waldorf education for all families.